The Tuesday Talk: My Workspace

One of my current uni project is to do an ethnographic study. It does not look useful for a business student like that but it is actually quite interesting. While looking for a subject, I came across WeWork, which is a company that provides spaces to work in, a community and services for individuals who want to connect. And a little light bulb in my head lit. Why not study shared workspaces? WeWork kindly let me visit their space in South Bank and it allowed me, first to do some observations and second, to get some inspiration for this very post about my own workspace.

And wow, is this place cool. It is very modern and sleek, I love the view on the London Eye, and there is a coffee bar! And a dog!

Well, I personally don’t have a dog or a coffee bar but my workspace is still pretty cool. Let me set the context: I am renting a studio via my university, it is small, but comfy and well organized (thankfully it does not feel like I am sleeping in my kitchen). I have a huge desk which I use to work/study. I don’t like being on/in my bed while working because I feel I really need to have a gap between work and leisure/sleep (yes it is very small in my tiny studio but eh, I do what I can).

I also like keeping things quite organized and simple. One of my motto is « An organized desk leads to an organized mind ». I only keep a few things so that I am not distracted: a small tin to hold my pens, an agenda to plan my week and write my thoughts, and my computer. This is all I need to really get to work. I also like to make piles of documents, each pile corresponding to a coursework or project.

But I also like having a few “decorative” items. Flowers are a must for me this year: living in central London means I don’t see greenery that often, so flowers add a touch of nature in my home. They also smell great and are beautiful to watch. Candles are also a must: I feel they create a nice, relaxing atmosphere, and again, they smell great (great way to cover up cooking smells, especially when living in a studio). Motivating words: I printed those two sentences I found on Pinterest « Good vibes only » and « Don’t worry, Be Yonce » at the beginning of the year to help me stay motivated and positive. Calendar: I printed one and put in on my pin board. Along with my agenda, they are my essentials to be organized and plan my semester (and count the days until the next holidays). Without them my thoughts would make no sense and my life would be messy af. Photos: I have loads of them on my refrigerator as well, they just remind me of good times and of the friends I have made through out the years. They create a positive vibe around my workspace and that is exactly what I need.

If there was only one thing I would change to create my dream workspace, it would be my desk: I’d prefer a plain and simple white one. The thing is my studio is managed by my uni so I did not get to chose the furniture in it. But I really like my little home anyway!

What about you? What is your workspace like?




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