Sportswear haul and how I started running again

Last year I tore my ACL and meniscus while skiing. So I had to have a knee surgery. It’s been 237 days today, everything is almost back to normal and I am nearly out of trouble! Because of my injury, I hadn’t been able to run for over a year. So when the surgeon told me a few weeks ago that I was cleared for running, I was more than happy!

Running again was very difficult. I had lost all my points of reference and I was afraid my knee was going to be troublesome again. But, with time and patience, and by taking it step by step (and running very very very slowly), I’m finally enjoying running again!

I’m not where I used to be before YET, but eh, you have to enjoy the little victories in life.
And to celebrate that, I did a bit of shopping (oopsie) at H&M. I did not know they had a sportswear range and I am very surprised and pleased by the quality of the products. I mainly wanted to update my winter running clothes, so I bought this padded lightweight jacket, which is very comfortable and warm. I also purchased these outdoor thighs. They caught my eyes because they had many pockets, which is always very handy when running (so that I can store my keys, Oyster card and tissues, I am a professional now you know). I also needed another sports bra, this one is very simple but I like keeping things nicely stored and steady!
I tested them on a slow 7k run in Hyde Park on Saturday (see the beautiful sunrise picture above) , and I think they’ve just became my favorite running clothes.
My shoes are from Asics, I’ve had them for a year now and they’re very comfortable. What else can I say? Basic but good running shoes.
When running during wintertime I also wear gloves and a headband, because, I’ve tried running without once, and yes, frozen ears are very painful!
I don’t usually take water with me while running, but I make sure to drinks loads before and after the run. I’ve recently bought this water bottle from Oliver Bonas. It’s from the brand Booble and it filters tap water and removes chlorine and carbon. Very handy!

So here is my go-to running outfit and I must say it’s been comforting to buy nice new clothes. It’s a new beginning and I am very excited to see what I can do now!
Also, I’ve been using Nike’s Running+ app, and it’s helped me a lot: it keeps track of all my routes and performances, there is also a « coach » function which creates a tailored program (from beginners to advanced) to help you train for a race or simply break your records. AND, my favorite part: I can find new routes in London on their website, which has helped me diversify my runs.

I’ll finish this post on my favorite running quote « Running reminds me that I am alive ».



2 responses to “Sportswear haul and how I started running again

  1. Great kit- definitely great way to motivate. Love your sports bra and black trainers with blue laces- nice contrast! Wishing you all the best with your runs

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