My Winter 2015 Wardrobe Staples

You know that on-going « French wardrobe » trend? Where you cut down your wardrobe to a few basic items, then add to that special pieces of clothing that make the difference and stand out from your basic all-black everyday outfit? Well, I am currently trying to do that, and I can tell you it is quite painful. But this lead me to notice a few clothing staples that came back very often in my outfits this season.
And as winter is still upon us, and might be for a little while longer, here are my winter 2015 wardrobe staples:

Long camel coat: let’s just make things clear: camel never goes out of style, so for me, a camel coat is a basic. Mine is from Zara (from last season I think) and I love how it gives a feminine-masculine kind of look. I think that’s how I would describe my look, so yeah, I love it.

Tartan scarf: I don’t really like tartan usually, but I just fell in love with that blue, green and black one, from Zara as well (I am a massive fan of Zara, as you’ll notice). I know tartan was more trendy last season but I think it’s a great way to add a bit of texture and color to an outfit. Plus this scarf is just so warm and big and cosy, perfect for winter time.

Grey beanie: it took my quite some time to fall for the beanie trend but now I am addicted. I saw so many Instagram pictures, Pinterest posts and Tumblr of people wearing these types of beanies and I always though « oh I would never dare wear something like that ». BUT, 2015 is the year I take fashion risks and think with my heart rather than with my mind. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now, but yeah what I wanna say is: this beanie is from H&M, and I love it. First because it very practical. Second because it gives a little something more to my outfit. The end.

Turtle neck jumper (as featured in my OOTD post last week): well you can’t deny turtle neck are trending this season and you know I love mine (from Zara as well). What I also like doing is wearing a small, very thin necklace on top of it. I got my inspiration from Pinterest, and I think it gives a more refine look to that otherwise dull (but cosy) jumper.

Stan Smith sneakers: mine are from Zara in reality but you get the idea right? Again I got my inspiration from Instagram because I love wearing sneakers (I like my little feet to be at their ease you know) and also because I love how casual-chic I look when I wear them with my camel coat for example (what a coincidence!).

Black boots: what more can I say? These are for me a basic. They’re from Andre and I just love how simple and refine they look. They also are super comfortable to wear thanks to the chunky heels.

Leopard slippers: well okay, I don’t get many wears out of them when it’s cold and windy as it’s been in the past days in London, but when the sun comes out I love wearing them. They have a tiny tiny heel, so they look sophisticated but casual as well.

I’ve noticed I love every item from that list, so they’re definitely going to stay in my wardrobe!



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