Updated skincare routine and Lush Haul

Skincare has always been one of my beauty priorities. Until not so long ago I thought that the more you cleanse your skin, the better. AND I WAS WRONG!

Let me explain: during the holidays I had the chance to get a spa treatment in the hotel I was staying in: I chose a normal cleanse/exfoliation/massage treatment. While discussing with the beautician about my skin she gave me many useful tips to update and review my routine:

– do not cleanse/exfoliate/attack your skin too much: for a sensitive skin (like mine) the best thing is to use a gentle gel/cream cleanser to remove all the makeup and impurities. Use it only at night. In my mind I had combination/oily skin. Well, my skin is very very very… normal. Conclusion: know your skin type, it will help you get the right routine.

– after removing what needed to be removed, use a toner to refresh, rebalance and tone the skin. For that I use Breath of Fresh Air (£7.50): with mineral-rich carrageenan seaweed extract, rose absolute that help reduce redness, as well as patchouli oil which is cooling and astringent on the skin.

– then apply a hydrating serum: I repurchased my beloved Full of Grace (£8.25/20g)(that I first got at my Lush x PinneditMadeit workshop, here), it is a solid facial serum made of oils and mixed with Portobello mushrooms (for their skin-protecting vitamins and minerals), chamomile blue oil and calamine powder (calms the skin and controls greasiness). It is hydrating and refreshing and does not leave the dreaded “heavy feeling” on the skin. Just warm it with your fingers or glide it onto the skin.

– finish with a moisturizer: Imperialis (£12.95/45g) is a great light balancing face cream. It helps restore and revive the skin.

– in the morning, gently awake your skin with some micellar water: I use my all-time favourite Bioderma Crealine H20 (as seen here) on a cotton pad. No need to cleanse or exfoliate your skin again: attacking your skin with too many, too strong or too harsh products will only irritate it and open the doors to pimples and darks spots: and that’s not what we want, right? And then I simply moisturize.

I must say I have achieved pretty good results and my skin has definitely been more glowing and less irritated since I started my skincare revolution. So, from now on, my new motto will be: less is more!


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