Afternoon Tea at The Connaught Hotel

This Christmas, my Grandma offered me an Afternoon Tea for two at The Connaught Hotel in London. The Connaught is a five star hotel in the heart of London’s Mayfair Village. So while my best friend was visiting me last weekend, we booked a table, super excited by the idea of being in this very chic hotel .

I just want to point out that this is not a typical thing for me, I am not used to five star hotels and prestigious afternoon teas. It was a gift and I truly appreciated every moment spent in this wonderful place. It was a fantastic experience!

First of all, the restaurant is, wow, splendid. Everyone was very nice to us, and  we did not quite know how to behave, which was funny. We were served tea, I took an “Espelette Blend” which is a Pai Mu Tan white tea with “an Espelette touch”.

And then, it begun: a “mouth-watering” selection of finger sandwiches (coronation chicken, ploughman’s pickle with montgomery cheddar, scottish smoked salmon with horseradish crème fraiche and cucumber and mint cream cheese. And I loved them all!). Fresh scones from the Connaught Bakery served with clotted cream (Oh my. I LOVE clotted cream) and home-made jams (straberry, raspberry and orange) and finally, delicious cakes and pastries (so many that I can’t remeber them all, but they were amazing!). Everything was so tempting, both beautiful to look at and tasty. We ate (almost) everything.

Our sitting lasted around 2 hours. We were truly amazed by everything we tasted and by the place in itself.

Overall, I spent an unusual and very special afternoon, and if ever you are in London and want to do something truly special, The Connaught is absolutely fantastic!

What about you? What extraordinary things have you done this week? Let me know by commenting ☾


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