Haircare routine!

Althought I don’t have Rapunzel’s hair, I still quite like to take care of it. Who likes to have greasy and dull hair anyway?

The first I do when I shower is wash my hair. For that I use Toni&Guy’s Cleanse Shampoo for fine hair. I shampoo from the back of my head moving upwards, as I find it gives me more volume. I am currently trying every shampoo/sea salt spray/conditioner that could create volume, because I have veeeeery thin/fine hair.

I then use a conditioner (twice a week) on the ends of my hair. Andrew Barton’s The Ultimate Blonde is perfect to take care of my hair as I’ve had an “Ombre hair” for two years now and as the ends of my coiffure are dyed, they are a bit more fragile than the rest. This conditioner is really good and I find it makes my hair very soft and it smells divine.

I also apply a mask once a week, to moisturize and protect my hair from “the outside world”. For that I use Tommyguns’ Masque Nutrition Eclatante, which is absolutely perfect! I also use Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse while my hair is still wet, as it makes my hair super smooth and super easy to brush (with my Tangle Teezer brush, that I highly recommend!).

I don’t usually blowdry my hair, as I believe it damages my hair and makes it greasy more quickly. But if I am in a hurry and I need to, I spray Franck Provost’s Expert Protection Protecteur de Chaleur to protect my hair from heat.

And that is how I take care of my hair!

What about you? What is your haircare routine? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe ☾


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