Skincare routine!

With teenage years (and its various skin problems) I have learnt that having a good skincare routine is the best way to achieve a fresh and nice skin.

The first step is to determine your skin type. I tried many many products, from harsh exfoliants to non-soap cleansers, without really knowing how my skin felt. In the end, I have a pretty normal skin type, dry on the edges, a bit oily on the T-zone, and the worst part: I am extremely sensitive on the cheeks. My skin gets dry very very fast, expecially during winter, so I have to take good care of that poor baby.

I start my routine by removing any makeup: for that I use Vichy’s “Pureté Thermale”, a makeup-remover (that I found in a French “pharmacie”) that helps getting rid of the first layers of makeup. For the eyes Gemey Maybelline’s “Cils Demasq” removes every trace of eye makeup, even the most waterproof of the waterproof mascaras.

I then follow up with a more serious cleansing, using Bioderma’s “Crealine H20” a micellar solution. It eliminates the final layers of makeup and really liberates the skin from its accumulated impurities. I use La Roche Posay’s “Serozinc” as a toner: thanks to the zinc it contains, it soothes the skin, helps with rednesses but also reduces oilyness.

The next step is serum, usually “Hydraluron” by Indeed Laboratory. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it increases the level of skin hydratation and I have noticed a real difference since I started using it. Apart from this one, I also use “Full of Grace”, Lush’s serum that I mentioned here: it is really moisturising. I use it before putting on my moisturizer, or before a mask as it helps the skin absorb all the good things.

It is now time for moisturizer! I LOVE that step, because, let’s admit it: moisturizers smell pretty damn good (well at least, mine does). I either use Nivea Soft Cream or Origin’s “Ginzing”. The first one is really good during winter as I feel it helps my skin get through the cold and windy days. I like the second one during the summer or when I feel I need a boost: it is lighter and helps revitalise my skin.

As extras, I use face masks twice a week: Origin’s “Drink Up Intensive”, an overnight mask to quench my skin’s thirst; and  Sisley’s “Radiant Glow Express”: it gently cleanses the skin’s surface for a quick beauty boost. Red and white clays it contains absorb excess sebum, providing radiance and clarity.
In case of breakouts, Lush’s “Spotlight/Grease Lightning Spot Treatment” is super effective and will nip any spot in the bud without upsetting the skin around them (if you see what I mean).

And then that’s it! I am done and I can go out and enjoy the beautiful day (not always the case in England, sadly). Oh and another important thing for that perfectly glowing skin is: drinking more water!

What about you? What is your daily routine? Let me know by commenting below!

(this skincare routine is made for me, it is not, in any case, a miracle solution)


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