Hello, my name is Paul Smith!

Hello, my name is Paul Smith!

Last Sunday, I decided to stop procrastinating (yes yes, it is possible) and decided to get out there and be inspired. I had seen many ads in the subway so I was naturally attracted to the Design Museum‘s new exhibition: Hello, my name is Paul Smith!

“Step into the world of fashion designer Paul Smith, a world of creation, inspiration, collaboration, wit and beauty.” was the promise. And I was not disappointed! The exhibition is more than a few collections being put on mannequins: it truly is an immersive experience. The museum regrouped drawing’s from Paul Smith’s personal archive as well as specially commissioned footage that offers an insight into the creator’s mind  and his creative process. This was explored through the reconstruction of Paul Smith’s (messy) office, where he gets all his ideas and finds the support for his immense talent. The simple but immensely stimulating reproduction of the first shop in Nottingham, brought us back to Paul Smith’s humble beginnings.

The display explores the different stages of design and production behind a collection, from drawings to catwalk. It highlights how  the principles of traditional craftsmanship and tailoring are retained but given a contemporary edge.

A true performance, by which I was amazed: the designer’s genius and creative spirit inspired me (for the creation of my blog maybe?).

I keep in mind my favourite quote from the show :

“Ideas can come from anywhere, you can take inspiration from anything”

What about you? What will you do next Sunday?

This exhibition is on until the 22nd of June 2014 at the Design Museum in London! £12.40 Adult; £9.30 Student; Entrance is free to members and children under 6.


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