Pinned it! Made it! & LUSH workshop

Two weeks ago, while browsing the internet (as always) my eye got caught by an interesting event: LUSH Winter Skincare Workshop, hosted by Pinned it! Made it!. They are Pinterest Parties for people who like DIY, arts and crafts, tutorials and are inspired by Pinterest. I am not the craftiest person on earth but now and then, when looking at Pinterest I find myself attracted by all those beautifully handmade objects.

After having paid 19 pounds, one of my friend and I popped along to the Book Club in Shoreditch, Central London. We did not know what to expect but we were greatly impressed by what we saw there. Imagine a room full of beauty/fashion bloggers and girls dressed as the latest fashion trend. Can you see it? Well, it was true! I felt like I was IN Pinterest!

We got to make our own face masks with the help of two adorable “Lushies”. The masks we made were Catastrophe Cosmetic and Cupcake fresh face masks, which I’ve tried as samples, so it was nice to be able to make them. In groups of approximately 15, we all had a got at putting and mixing ingredients in the bowl. The size of the groups would be the only criticism I can make: I feel it would have been better to have smaller groups, or to do smaller batches of face masks, one per person for example, so that everyone can have the impression of making “its own face mask”. However, the tutorials were explained really well, with lots of details about how Lush gets the products and lots of information about the brand.

I have known Lush for quite a long time and I have always loved their product: first because they are natural, hand-made, smell delicious and because it changes from the big industrial usual other skincare brands. Pinterest Parties are not only for really crafty people, they are also great to socialise and meet new people (I had the chance to meet one of my favourite beauty blogger Lily Melrose, she was so nice!).

I had a lovely night, learnt lots of skin care  as well as tons of Lush related tips. We were also offered a nice coconut water mocktail. We all got to take home a tub of each of the face masks we made as well as a goody bag of Lush products, including their new Valentine’s Day body wash “Prince Charming”, their serum “Full of Grace” and one of their famous Bath Bomb.

You can keep up to date with Pinned it! Made it!’s events here.


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